The MDSR software release V2.1 (SDR on a budget) is now available

      The MDSR software release V2.1 (SDR on a budget) is now available

      The MDSR Development Team has now released the next version of their full RX – TX capable SDR software. The software is available at the MDSR website and the Yahoo user group and the software is free for amateur use. The MDSR software will run on a Windows platform. W2000 and up (works best with Windows XP)

      The MDSR software also provides a real time spectrum analyzer and a universal CAT interface that can control 48 different transceivers. Instructions how to use the software are included in the software, PDF reader required. (please register for access to the information)

      The MDSR concept uses an existing transceiver (Yaesu or ICOM have been tested and more will follow)) with a 455kHz IF and a transverter that uses the a 12kHz IF which is fed to the sound card in RX mode and up-converted to 455kHz IF in TX mode. The transverter is connected to the option filter port in the transceiver. The RX audio is heard through the PC speaker. The control of the transceiver is performed through CAT interface.

      RX capable hardware is already available through the MDSR group. It is so simple that some HAMs actually prefer to build their own interface. Instructions are available on the website or user group.

      This development allows the HAM radio operator to use his/her existing transceiver and computer and connect them together at the IF level for excellent audio quality. SDR performance at a budget cost!

      All the best and 73;

      The MDSR Development Team