30 years battery life in $5 consumer product - back then a reality - can't happen in 21 century!

      30 years battery life in $5 consumer product - back then a reality - can't happen in 21 century!

      hey OM's,

      this is a story from times long foregone. :huh:

      back then, greedy managers were a minority.

      Japan actually built it's reputation as a nation which shells other countries with excellent products.

      back then, in 1981 in lower saxony, Germany, some person purchased an electronic stopwatch for maybe 9,99 Deutsch Mark's.
      about $5 USD.

      Now, and this is no lie: this very same stopwatch, full 30 years later, in 2010, still was working on THE VERY SAME BATTERY the vendor supplied
      with it`s product.

      Actually, being myself an electric engineer, I am currently researching the batt. make technology. no acid (only minor corrosion) and still 0,9V from it's original 1,5V.
      the clock was on auto standby.

      battery name:
      national neo hitop
      matsushita el company
      UM-5 (N) // C8501 (R1)

      lots of japanese stuff in print that I cannot read.

      stamped into bottom: 81-03 meaning production in march 1981 which is quite plausible ?

      in these day of oil spills for 5 weeks in the gulf of mexico, I think, there were manufacurers in Asia who really knew what they were doing.

      And standby-modes were actually that. :!: it was a plastic stopwatch with only the brand name "nikjan" on it. A vintage Japan electronics maker.

      there was only minor metal corrosion, but no electrolyte leakage whatsoever over 30 friggin' years. I pressed a button and saw a time display on this watch.

      nowadays this is unthinkable. :huh:

      Ich habe einen Sony-Trinitron-Fernseher (37 cm), welcher jetzt bereits 20 Jahre alt ist.

      Die originalen Batterien (Panasonic Green) in der Fernbedienung haben bei täglicher Nutzung bis zum Defekt der Fernbedienung nach 16 Jahren gehalten...mussten also nie ausgetauscht werden. Der Defekt kam übrigens durch Abnutzung zustande und nicht durch auslaufende Batterien...hi!

      Spricht das nun für Sony oder Panasonic? - Ich denke für beide!



      DAMN! life was better back in 1980.

      "... und in schlechtem Englisch wird die Story auch nicht spektakulärer...."

      well, I take it, you German do not use "...." as "Ellipse" all of the time according to ure Duden, rite ?

      But then, the story was not only about batteries but also about standby-circuits. It should be clear, that there are many regressions in technology and life.

      Many things were better back in 1980 or 1970. But the fraggin' politicians of today keep messing up the world completely. TIME FOR CHANGE. :cursing: